Terms & Conditions

This is an agreement between AT Skills Ltd and you. These terms and conditions apply to your application for a training programme and subsequent matters arising from that application. They aim to outline your obligation as a student and our obligation to you. All bookings are made subject to availability.

  1. Postal Applications

AT Skills will not take responsibility for delayed postal applications. Course bookings are processed and allocated on a first come, first served basis. AT Skills will only accept course applications accompanied by a fully completed and signed application form, along with the appropriate payment.

Deposits for all courses are non-refundable.

  1. Telephone Bookings

Telephone bookings must be accompanied by a credit or debit card payment. They must also be accompanied by a signed application form via email or post A place will be reserved for you on a training course provided the required deposit has been paid. All course places are subject to card authorisation by your card issuer.

Confirmation of your booking will only be made by AT Skills once the processed payment is followed up by a fully completed and signed application form.

  1. Balance Payments

If you have reserved a place on a course and paid a deposit, the full and final payment of the balance must be received by AT Skills one week prior to the advertised course start date.

Failure to make the relevant balance payment will result in all fees paid being made forfeit, and your course place being cancelled. AT Skills reserves the right to invoice for the full course fee if prior notification is not received.

  1. Cancellation Policy

In the case of you cancelling your place on the course, written notification is required in order to process your cancellation. A confirmation letter will be sent to you once your application has been processed and approved.

AT Skills reserves the right to apply the following penalties for course cancellations…

  1. Cancellations received by AT Skills three weeks prior to the advertised course start date will result in the deposit being made forfeit, and the remainder of any fees paid will be refunded.
  2. No refunds of course fees will be payable by AT Skills for cancellations within three weeks of the advertised course start date, unless a valid medical certificate can be provided to support your cancellation. If medical certification is provided fees may be transferred to another course.
  3. When no cancellation notification is received by AT Skills prior to the advertised course start date, all fees paid will become forfeit and you will be liable to settle any remaining outstanding balance.

AT Skills reserves the right to cancel a course up to 14 days prior to the first delivery date if bookings do not reach 50% of course capacity.

  1. Transfer Policy

If you wish to transfer to an alternative date, written notification must be received by AT Skills prior to the advertised course start date. Alternative course dates must be provided when applying for a transfer of course fees. The following conditions and fees apply for course transfers…

  1. Transfer requests received by AT Skills more than three weeks prior to the advertised course start date will incur no administration charge, subject to course availability.
  2. Transfer requests received by AT Skills less than three weeks prior to the advertised course start date will incur a nominal administration charge.
  3. If AT Skills is unable to confirm a place on a training course immediately, course fees will be held for a period of six months. Any fees not utilised within a six-month period from the date of receipt will become forfeit.


  1. Assessment Cancellations

If you are unable to attend the original assessment allocated to your course, written notification must be received. Please note that alternative dates for assessments may not be available in the same venue or location as your training course, and alternative dates are subject to availability.

The following conditions apply…


  1. If written notification is received by AT Skills at the time of the course booking, or prior to the advertised course start date, a free transfer of assessment will be offered.
  2. If notification is received by the final tutorial of the course, no fee will be payable. The student should, in this case, not sign the final assessment day agreement and should complete the relevant assessment deferral form obtainable from the course tutor or AT Skills office. Alternative dates can be arranged by contacting the FIT UK office; however, these are subject to availability.
  3. In the event of failure to attend or complete the assessment fees will be forfeit and further assessment arrangements can only be made upon payment of the full reassessment fee. Details of assessment fees are available by contacting the AT Skills office on 07785425844.


7. Assessment Appeals

If you wish to appeal against an assessment decision a full copy of the appeals procedure is available upon request from the AT Skills office, or from the lead assessor running the assessment day. Appeals must be received in writing by AT Skills within ten days of the assessment decision.

  1. Certification

Certificates will be issued with your name as indicated on your application form. The awarding body will issue free replacements only if it is deemed to be an office error and if notification is received within one month of you receiving the certificate. A charge of £20 will apply for each replacement certificate, upon receipt of original assessment evidence.

Any change in personal circumstances resulting in a change of name from that which was originally stated on the enrolment form must be verified by legal documentation and the office notified immediately. If notification is received after certificates have been issued, the awarding body will charge a £20 replacement fee per certificate.

Written notification must be provided immediately to AT Skills if you are changing address. All certificates are sent out recorded delivery and AT Skills cannot be held liable for nonreceipt of certificates, prior to any written notification of any change of address.

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